Flexible Styling support for your Property Styling Business 

Giving you the time to work on your business and not just in it.

Are you looking to grow your styling business but continue to face road blocks. More jobs mean more hands and with that comes the pressure of keeping work up to them.

Are you finding it really hard to find experienced and reliable staff to fit in with you when and if you need them?  Do you often find yourself juggling all areas of your business? As the leader in your business you know growth comes from working on our business rather than in it, yet we often struggle to find the time.

We can stretch ourselves across all areas property styling, giving your business the flexibility it needs to expand.

While the pick and packs, installs and uninstalls are a large part of property styling, it gets to a point where it no longer makes financial sense for you to be doing them all yourself. In order to grow the business, these area’s are best outsourced to allow you the time to develop new business, maintain existing relationships, get quotes out on time, follow up those quotes, buy stock and all the other tasks you need to be focusing on to generate more work.

We get it, hiring staff can feel overwhelming, growth is a huge juggle right now, you want to buy more stock and do more installs but you don’t have the right people to commit to those purchases.


To grow, you need support, yet it feels overwhelming to take on support and so you remain stuck in that awkward growth stage and the cycle continues. For something to change something needs to change. Having previously owned a staging business we understand these challenges and have aligned our business to fill these gaps that each business struggles to fill.

We are your friendly, experienced and

professional Stylist Labour Hire Solution.



We are a one stop shop and are able to see styling jobs through from start to finish and anything in between.  Our staff are experienced and professional and as previous owners of a staging business, we understand the importance of quality, speed and the ability to interact with vendors and agents when the need arises to maintain those much nurtured relationships.

The purpose of what we do is to provide support to your business so that you are consistently moving forward. Growth without the fixed overheads of full time or part time staff, means your jobs are completed with staff 'only when' and 'if' you need them.

We want to help you thrive, by providing support within your business, giving you the time back to work on it.



* Property styling pick and packs

* Property styling Installs

* Property styling pack-ups

* Property styling holiday support

* Warehouse sorting, placement

* Errands - collecting/dropping of keys, pick up of new stock, hands on for any type of styling related jobs



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